Web Animation Workshops in Spring

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Web Animation Workshops has started up again for Spring, we’re headed for San Francisco, Chicago, and Paris this year, some dates still to be announced. Val Head and I team up to bring you two packed days full of content and exercises so that when you leave the class, you not only understand the techniques of how to animate in different tech stacks/environments but why. Here’s is some of the content we cover:

Essentials of CSS animation

We’ll cover what CSS transforms, transitions, and keyframe animations can do and how to use them effectively in your work. We’ll also cover how to decide which web animation option is the best solution for your projects.

Basics of TweenMax & TimelineMax

The basics of GreenSock’s TweenMax, one of the most powerful and popular JavaScript animation frameworks, for more complex logic and animation tasks. We’ll also cover reasons to consider using an animation library and how to choose one that will work best for your projects.

Principles of UI/UX for animation

Best practices and principles to follow to ensure the animations you create are adding something positive to the user experience, not distracting from it.

Classic animation principles worth stealing

Classic animation principles and motion graphics techniques that will make your web animation work look more professional and polished.

SVG workflow and optimization

Tools and techniques for creating smart and performant SVGs to animate.

SVG animation

The basics of animating SVGs both with CSS and JavaScript. We’ll cover what each option can do with SVG and how to decide which to use to get the job done.

Animating with React

Animating in React with GreenSock and React-Motion. We’ll cover the differences of animating with React’s virtual DOM, some gotchas, and how to debug performance issues.

The Web Animation API

A look at what’s coming in this latest spec, an overview of how to use it, and what it means for the near future of web animation.

Web animation performance

Techniques and properties that will help you squeeze the best performance out of your animations, plus perceived performance considerations.

If you’re interested in attending, head over to the workshop page for more info! We’re almost out of early bird tickets for SF, so scoop them up while you can.

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