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None of the videos in our entire video screencasts library have captions / subtitles / transcripts. That means all of that content is rather useless to the deaf, as was made quite clear to me in this recent email:

I’m a big fan of CSS-Tricks and I make a lot of use of your written content, however the same can’t be said for your videos as I’m deaf. It may not be viable for your business but subtitles on your videos would enable access to me – and probably thousands of others – who can’t follow your videos via sounds.

I like shooting videos. We have a couple lined up we’ll be doing soon. It’s true that it’s not exactly viable to do subtitles for them. The videos are already not really viable, we just do them sometimes for fun. I can’t justify the time or money to subtitle them.

But that’s where you could come in. If you’d like the sponsor the videos having subtitles, get in touch. I’m sure we can arrange a way such that you could pay for it, and we could have a third-party subtitle the videos, and we’d credit you for the support.

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