#45: Using FoxyCart for eCommerce

FoxyCart is my new favorite eCommerce system. It is extremely easy to get started with. You have full design control over all aspects of it (cart, checkout, receipts). It has the features you need (downloadables, security, saved accounts, subscriptions). Best of all, it's not a bloated CMS. You can build products on-the-fly using very simple code. This means you can use it easily on static pages, with pre-existing CMSs or roll your own CMS. I'm going to walk through much of the process of setting up FoxyCart and show you how it works in production.

Links from the Video:


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    Adam Wintle
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    Ah another awesome screencast, great to see FoxyCart featured on here! I’ve been using FoxyCart in the UK for a long while, if anyone’s looking for a Foxy developer please get in touch :)

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      I heard foxycart doesnt allow customers to pay with debit cards? How do you get around this in the UK? Because they are very widely used.

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    How does foxycart let the vendor know that the product has been paid for and that you should ship the product?

    Thanks for the screencasts btw.

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    Adam Wintle
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    How does foxycart let the vendor know that the product has been paid for and that you should ship the product?

    By vendor I guess you mean the store owner/client? – FoxyCart will send a copy of the transaction receipt to the client and also the customer, the client’s receipt has all the shipping info – additionally you can login to the Foxy Admin to check for new orders.

    You might want to check out FoxyBack for the MODx Content Management System – which is more of a backend manager, which pulls your orders and transaction details into the CMS…

    hope that helps :)

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    Henrik Hodne
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    It seems a bit “insecure” to me, as users could change the HTML, and thereby change prices… Oh well… I guess you should check the reciept before you ship ;)

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      Yes I was wondering about this myself. What it in place to prevent people from doing that if pricing and products don’t exist in the back end?

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      Brett Florio

      We’ve got you covered there, fwiw :)
      (Responding to this super old comment because somebody just asked us about it based on this thread.)

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    Murray Lunn
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    Excellent screencast.

    I plan to try out Foxycart for an upcoming project of mine which will include a small ecommerce portion, nothing too big, nice and light end which Foxycart should handle fine :)

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    Ive be really curious about foxy cart for a long time now, this screencast helps loads, thanks

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    Video isn’t working, I’ll look at it later.

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    This was great, I’ve heard of FoxyCart but never had a chance to really dig into it. Definitely an awesome tool! Great screencast.

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    If the embedded video isn’t working in Firefox, try Safari. Worked for me. In FF it was resetting at the 3:20 mark.

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    Aaron Gibson
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    Chris, great work, this could certainly come in handy for my gig ticket website assignment for Uni.

    As ever thanks…


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    John b
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    Thanks Chris. I’ve convinced the boss to commit with Foxycart. Wouldn’t have considered it without watching your video.

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    Thanks Chris. I see that you are back to your old commenting design. I can’t wait for the FoxyTickets screencast.

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    Is there options for stock?

    I hate overselling stuff and having to send out emails that we don’t have what they just bought

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    Thanks Mr. Coyier! I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use Foxycart, and will certainly revisit this post when I get that chance.

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    This is great. I’ll have to look into this for future projects!

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    What do you think about MODX for inventory tracking??

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    Sean S.
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    Brilliant! I wasn’t aware such a simple, cost-effective solution was available, to be sure this will be of great use for upcoming projects. My apologies if I’m being redundant at this point in the comment roll, but what sort of security measures exist to date? Have there been any issues thus far?

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    Peter Wilson
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    Do you write a custom solution for full carts – such as http://beaconathletics.com/store/ – or do you use existing carts?
    Thanks for the screen-casts.

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    Loved it! Would love to see another video on customizing the the cart.

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    Robin Jennings
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    I’ve been looking for an e-commerce solution for a while now and narrowed it down to FoxyCart or X-Cart and it looks like Foxy Cart for the win. Thanks

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but if you can affect the name of the product and how much the product costs just by altering the variables in the link, couldn’t someone just view the source of the page, edit the link and then end up paying much less for a product than the product actually costs?

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