Use a:visited in your CSS stylesheet

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Evert Pot:

Unfortunately, when setting a new color (e.g. a { color: #44F }) the ‘purple visited link’ feature also gets disabled. I think this is a shame, as there’s so many instances where you’re going through a list of links and want to see what you’ve seen before.

The 2 examples I ran into today were:

• AWS Cloudwatch Logs
• Stackoverflow search results

I like those use cases. My take is that :visited is perhaps a bit under-used in general, but not by much. It’s useful in that situation where a user might wonder: hmmmm, have I seen this one yet?

I’m not particularly compelled to use it on this site — as I’m not convinced it matters for the UX if you’ve visited any particular link, particularly not in a blog-like setting as here.

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