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You already know that Envato runs marketplace sites like ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, and CodeCanyon that help designers and developers get a jumpstart on projects through buying themes, graphics, and code to help out. You also already know that Envato runs tutorial blogs like Nettuts+, Phototuts+, and Psdtuts+ which also help designers and developers through teaching.

In a brilliant-in-its-simplicity move, Envato has combined these two worlds into the Tuts+ Marketplace. Now their premium tutorials are available à la carte. I think it’s a great move for them and for us! Now you can buy cool finished products that you like, but also get the detailed tutorial on how it was made.

This was not a paid review, but I do earn money from the fact that we are now selling Digging Into WordPress directly from there now. Everything is the same buying it from there as it is directly from digwp.com. Same price, same files, same free-updates-for-life.