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Google is handing out bucks for CSS-related projects, so you might as well know about it! Nicole Sullivan:

All of us who work on the web regularly benefit from the work of people who create specifications, tools, demos, tutorials, and polyfills. Many of these resources are side projects, made available and supported free of charge. They exist because someone saw a need, created something to meet it, then shared it with the rest of the ecosystem.

We want to recognize and help support this work and invest in the CSS ecosystem.

Ya know how esbuild has seriously shaken things up for the JavaScript processing world? Maybe we need a cssbuild? It would process imports and do bundling (something we generally rely on Sass for). The point would be extreme speed. Maybe it would be plugin-based and compatible with the PostCSS API so that existing PostCSS plugins would work on it. Maybe it could make sourcemaps and do modification. Maybe it would run your Sass, too, I dunno. But something to spark the CSS ecosystem like that could be cool.

Or apply for money to do extreme accessibility testing and implementation on a public design system.

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