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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

HTML for Numeric Zip Codes

I just overheard this discussion on Twitter, kicked off by Dave.

It seems like zip codes are just numbers, right? So…

<input id="zip" name="zip" type="number"/>

The advantage there being able to take … Read article “HTML for Numeric Zip Codes”


Autofill City & State from Zip Code with Ziptastic

Most address fields on web forms ask for city, state, and zip code (or city and post code, outside of the US). But as us nerds often lament, city and state are redundant with zip code. Or at least they can be inferred from a correctly entered zip code. That’s the kind of thing computers are good at. What we need is a proper API to cough up that information for us on demand. … Read article “Autofill City & State from Zip Code with Ziptastic”