SXSW 2012

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Chris Coyier on

I’m headed down to Austin in a few days here for my 2nd SXSW. Hope to see some of you folks there. I’m trying not too have much of a plan, but here’s a few things I’m doing:

There is a SurveyMonkey party and a crew of us from Wufoo / SurveyMonkey will be there hanging out. Free food and drinks. RSVP here and come.

My ShopTalk Show cohort Dave Rupert lives down there. We have no official plans but if we’re hanging out somewhere for a bit maybe we’ll do an impromptu meetup. Follow @shoptalkshow on Twitter for news of that.

The whole BarCamp Tour crew will be there. There is a BarCamp tour panel called 5 Brands Travel the US Inspiring Entrepreneurship where last year’s tour will be discussed and how that all went down. Possibly an impromptu Barcamp meetup as well, so follow @barcamptour for that.

I’m am actually going to the conference as well. I’ve marked a few things I’d be interested in going to see on Lanyrd. I probably won’t make all of them but definitely some of them. I mostly marked front endish ones, but I’ll very likely go to others that have nothing to do with that. The wide variety of talks is definitely a strength of SXSW that is smart to take advantage of.