Include Any File From Your Theme

<?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/your-file.php'); ?>


  1. Guy Haines
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    Thanks Dude.

  2. stefan zimmermann
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    awesome site for someone who hates learning to suck

  3. Christopher Geary
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    If your trying to include another file in (.php file) for your theme, then use get_template_part(), which looks like:

    <?php get\_template\_part( 'content' ); ?>

    It has an optional second paramater too which you can use to include something like: content-post.php by using:

    <?php get\_template\_part( 'content', 'post' ); ?>

    Read More:

    • Christopher Geary
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      You don’t need the backslashes, the “comment preview” didn’t like my underscores unless they had backslashes, and now its screwed up the actual comment.. -.-

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