Str-replace Function

Sass provides a collection of handy functions to manipulate strings, however there is no function to replace a substring with another string. Here is a quick str-replace function if you ever need one.

/// Replace `$search` with `$replace` in `$string`
/// @author Hugo Giraudel
/// @param {String} $string - Initial string
/// @param {String} $search - Substring to replace
/// @param {String} $replace ('') - New value
/// @return {String} - Updated string
@function str-replace($string, $search, $replace: '') {
  $index: str-index($string, $search);
  @if $index {
    @return str-slice($string, 1, $index - 1) + $replace + str-replace(str-slice($string, $index + str-length($search)), $search, $replace);
  @return $string;


.selector {
  $string: 'The answer to life the universe and everything is 42.';
  content: str-replace($string, 'e', 'xoxo');


.selector {
  content: "Thxoxo answxoxor to lifxoxo thxoxo univxoxorsxoxo and xoxovxoxorything is 42.";


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    Mike iLL
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    Sweet, man. Thank you. I used in some code to generate svg + gradient backgrounds:

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    Very awesome! Using this to generate buttons from several corresponding color-maps.

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