Show Most Recent Flickr Uploads

This code will display the most recent uploads from Flickr for any account. Replace the "35591378@N03" (the Whitehouse account) in the code below with the ID of the account you are fetching from. Use this if you need help finding it. Alter the "9" in the loop to show more or less than 10.

$(document).ready(function() {
       $.getJSON("", function(data) {
               var target = "#latest-flickr-images ul"; // Where is it going?
               for (i = 0; i <= 9; i = i + 1) { // Loop through the 10 most recent, [0-9]
                       var pic = data.items[i];
                       var liNumber = i + 1; // Add class to each LI (1-10)
                       $(target).append("<li class='flickr-image no-" + liNumber + "'><a title='" + pic.title + "' href='" + + "'><img src='" + + "' /></a></li>");


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  1. dream caves
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    Very useful, i was just looking for something similar. Thank u.

  2. Derek
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    That’s just what I was after Chris. Thanks for posting. Simple, effective.

  3. iMaxEst
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    By the way… Chris, could yuo post trick how to show my total Twitter posts since I registered it. I spent the whole day yesterday for searching, but failed.

  4. Retr0

    How would you extend this with a lightbox ?

    In this snippet, the images will be loaded in after all javascript has been fired, leaving the rel=”box” not implement with the lightbox.

  5. George Gecewicz
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    Hey guys, I actually made a little WordPress widget based on this code. It’s pretty cool, you can check it out if you’d like here

  6. Graham
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    Looks like a lot of people are running into this problem:


    This is the user that comes up when we try out this technique with our own flickr user id’s.
    Anyone know how to fix this??

  7. Dagash
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    thank u CHRIS ,,, i was looking for this since about 3 days ..

  8. Christian
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    Hey I am struggling with styling the ul. I have some images that are vertical and some that are horizontal. How do i get them all to be a standard size so i can have a clean looking 5 columns 2 row list. Can someone help me with this?!?

    • Farah
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      Sorry couldn’t figure out how to reply directly to your comment but check out my comment underneath

  9. Farah
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    @Christian I don’t really know anything about javascript but I added height=’100px’ to the img tag and it worked (or whatever height you want really)

    like this:

    img src='” + + “‘ height=’150px’/

  10. Kiliano

    Ow! Thank you! You safe many hours of my job =)

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