Namespaced Javascript Template

Self invoking anonymous function assigned to the yournamespacechoice global variable. Serves the effect of keeping all functions and variables private to this function. To expose a function or variable we must explictly return it at the bottom of the function. Remaps jQuery to $.

var yournamespacechoice = (function ($) {
   var publicfunction;

   function privatefunction() {
       // function only available within parent function

   publicfunction = function publicfunction() {
       // public function available outside of this funtion

   // Expose any functions that we need to access outside of this scope. Use yournamespacechoice.functionName() to call them.
   return {
       publicfunction: publicfunction


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    This type of function statement needs to exist before it is used.

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    Shouldn’t you pass though window.jQuery? incase noConflict has been called earlier?

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    Andy Bell
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    Top marks Chris. I have using Glow as my JS library recently and have been struggling to write plugins without jQuery. Now when I map glow.dom.get to $ as the universal selector and use this namespace method I can make some truly powerful stuff!


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