Format Currency

This function will round numbers to two decimal places, and ensure that the returned value has two decimal places. For example 12.006 will return 12.01, .3 will return 0.30, and 5 will return 5.00

function CurrencyFormatted(amount) {
	var i = parseFloat(amount);
	if(isNaN(i)) { i = 0.00; }
	var minus = '';
	if(i < 0) { minus = '-'; }
	i = Math.abs(i);
	i = parseInt((i + .005) * 100);
	i = i / 100;
	s = new String(i);
	if(s.indexOf('.') < 0) { s += '.00'; }
	if(s.indexOf('.') == (s.length - 2)) { s += '0'; }
	s = minus + s;
	return s;


  1. Chase Moskal
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    If you want a smaller function:

    function currency(N){N=parseFloat(N);if(!isNaN(N))N=N.toFixed(2);else N='0.00';return N;}
    // >> currency("-14"): "-14.00" 

    If you want a smaller, more inline alternative, you can do this:

    // Right after you declare your number (N), the rest of the line does the formatting.
    var N=24.686; N=parseFloat(N);if(!isNaN(N))N=N.toFixed(2);else N='0.00';
    // >> N: "24.69"


    • Chase Moskal
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      Hey, here’s myself from the future. I re-gazed upon this, and further improved things:

      function currency(n){n=parseFloat(n);return isNaN(n)?false:n.toFixed(2);}

      currency(2); //--> '2.00'
      currency(3.253); //--> '3.25'
      currency(3.257); //--> '3.26'
      currency("3.2"); //--> '3.20'
      currency("butts"); //--> false
  2. Andras
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    Is it a css trick?

  3. Thang
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    Hi all!!

    Is there any way to add comma while typing number? and we can edit all of number.

    Ex: 123,456,555, we can edit number 1 –> 6


    • Paul C Allsopp
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      On keyup check the length of the field. If it is greater than 4 and contains no period, add a comma after every 3rd number from the right. When a period is encountered, set a flag to stop the formatting.

  4. Manie
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    The website’s name is css-tricks but you give a Java solution?

  5. mahesh
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