Check if font-family is Honored

function checkFont(strFamily) {
  var objDiv = document.createElement('div'); = strFamily;
  objDiv.appendChild(document.createTextNode('FONT TEST'));

  if (window.getComputedStyle) {
      return window.getComputedStyle(objDiv, null).getPropertyValue('font-family') === strFamily;

  return objDiv.currentStyle.fontFamily === strFamily;


var iconFontHonored = checkFont('icomoon');


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    Ryan McKay
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    Neat! Useful, thanks :)

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    Federico Brigante
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    This is 100% incorrect. The value of window.getComputedStyle(objDiv, null).getPropertyValue('font-family') will always be what you declared.

    Chrome reports all are missing, Firefox reports all available.

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    If the topic is validating available fonts I’m not getting how this will help. What I need, and what I think most designers need, is a script that will tell me which of the fonts in the font stack appears when the page appears on each browser and OS.

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    Try using:

    import { detectFont, supportedFonts } from 'detect-font';
    const element = document.querySelector('.element');
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    Shagen Ogandzhanian
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    Unfortunately this won’t work at all – in Firefox it will always return true and in Chrome it will always return false.

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