View Source of RSS Feed in Firefox

Firefox likes to assume when you click on a link to an RSS feed that you want to subscribe to it in some fashion. That might be true most of the time, but sometimes you just want to see the source of the RSS.

To view the source of an RSS feed, prepend "view-source:" in the address bar before the feed address, like this:



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    Eric Granata

    Yes! This is so helpful. Thank!

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    Carlton Dickson
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    Great tip, thanks

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    Chris Benard
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    Or just hit Ctrl+U to view the source like any other page. This works in Chrome too.

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    Steven Fleet
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    Thanks for this tip. Google kept trying to be helpful and put the feed into my reader but sometimes you just need a ton of output.

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    What we should do if we want to view it in particular style like html view source.. instead of xml view source?

    can anyone help…!?

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    Very Helpful.
    Many Thanks

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    How have I been doing web dev for over a decade and I never knew about this? This is GOLD!

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    This tool will help to view rss xml as well as data .

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