Turn Off Autocomplete for Input

Just use the autocomplete attribute:

<input name="q" type="text" autocomplete="off"/>

This would be useful when a text input is one-off and unique. Like a CAPTCHA input, one-time use codes, or for when you have built your own auto-suggest/auto-complete feature and need to turn off the browser default.


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    Mat Garland

    To make your web application iPhone and iPad friendly, you can also control whether or not automatic correction or capitalization is used in your form’s input fields. This can come in handy for username fields. Do so by implementing code along the following lines:

    To turn off autocorrect:

    <input type="text" name="some_name" autocorrect="off"></input>

    To turn off autocapitalize:

    <input type="text" name="some_name" autocapitalize="off"></input>

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    autocomplete=”off” is not valid markup with XHTML Transitional, which is a common DOCTYPE. Use this to keep a vaild markup

    if (document.getElementsByTagName) {

    var inputElements = document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);

    for (i=0; inputElements[i]; i++) {

    if (inputElements[i].className && (inputElements[i].className.indexOf(“disableAutoComplete”) != -1)) {





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    a dev
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    thx a lot u solved my problem :)

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    Mac Hary
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    Thank You…The Javascripts works for me :)

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    Is there anyway to style the autocomplete? (without js)
    I have seen:

    #inputId:-webkit-autofill {
        background-color: white !important;
    } (bug)

    But it is not working and only for webkit browsers. I have a large font-size for “placeholder=”blabla” and need autocomplete. The autocomplete with this font size is look horrific…

    .search_field{font-size: 1.5em;} (input)
    .search_field:-webkit-autofill{font-size: .9em;}(autofill)


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    The autofill feature on iOS not always work based on the site being surfed. I have web application when browsed on iPad the autofilll does not work. Is there any trick to enable it? Please advise

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    Vivek Doshi
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    There is a small issue using, when the page is validated with w3c validator it shows error “there is no attribute “autocomplete””

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    Martin Delille
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    I ask stackexchange.com to add this feature providing a link to your blog article: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/148009/195437

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    Add form Tag autocomplete=”off” you don’t need add individual input tag for auto complete off

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    Probably not a good idea if your visitors use Chrome, kunal.

    See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7973462/chrome-ugly-message-when-autofill-is-disabled.

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    Idham Perdameian
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    Thanks, autocomplite attribute is part of HTML5 works with the following <input> types: text, search, url, tel, email, password, datepickers, range, and color.

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    Just tried adding autocomplete=off to each input field – that didn’t work, but adding it to whole form does.

    i.e. input autocomplete="off" / – no go, form autocompete="off" – works…unless there’s something wrong with my browser(s).

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      Paul Warelis

      Well, now your input controls will not COMPETE with one another, ha!

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    ust tried adding autocomplete=off to each input field – that didn’t work, but adding it to whole form does.

    i.e. input autocomplete=”off” / – no go, form autocompete=”off” – works…unless there’s something wrong with my browser(s).

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    Tapan Kumer Das
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    Great! you save my time. Thanks a lot. But one more thing, its not w3c valid attribute. What should we do to get validation but still using autocomplete off feature? Thanks in advance.

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    Guys it’s not working, if I use the Jquery method to turn off the autocomplete feature :(

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    I have to swap the username and password fields. And let the username float left. Otherwise, the username and password are auto filled.

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      I am facing the problem where if we click on add new user form in my application, Firefox autofills username and password with administrator username and password. How did you solved this? Can you please explain. I need to urgently implement this.

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    I know your going to laugh, but where do I enter that? (<input…..)? I would really like to disable autocomplete in my browsers, and I can't get it right on the registry.

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    none of the above solutions worked for me. :(

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    Sascha Trinkaus

    Chrome seems to be ignoring the autocomplete attribute as of version 34.

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            $(this).attr('autocomplete', 'off');
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    I have set the attribute of autocomplete=”off”. But safari browser autocomplete is working. How to slove the autocomple off problem?!!

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    Joe Johnson
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    If you need to disable autocomplete for a password field, feel free to use a plugin I created: https://github.com/say2joe/jquery.disable-autocomplete

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    Nice snippet! Thanks!

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    Setting the autocomplete attribute to “off” does not disable Chrome autofill in more recent versions of Chrome. Instead you must set autocomplete on each input as follows
    <input autocomplete="smartystreets">
    you can set autocomplete to anything besides “on” or “off” and it will disable Chrome autofill

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    Niklas R

    None of the above works. I tried setting autocomplete=off, I tried setting the meta tag to no cache, I tried programatically setting the values with jquery and I tried to explicitly setting the value to nothing. Why is nothing possible when we need this simple functionality? It is a time thief that html, css and javascript are so lousy tools they can’t even make the simple things simple. This is a simple task so it should be simple and there should be one obvious solution so where is the obvious solution?

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      Not sure if you’re still looking for a solution, but I was in the same boat, spent a few hours on this 1 BS problem, and finally found this solution that worked:

      <!-- fake fields are a workaround for chrome autofill getting the wrong fields -->
      <input style="display:none" type="text" name="fakeusernameremembered"/>
      <input style="display:none" type="password" name="fakepasswordremembered"/>

      Literally just put those two fake fields above your actual input fields in your form and chrom will autofill those instead. Problem solved! :D

      originally found here:

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    My previous comment ended up no longer working as well, but there was another comment later down the list of comments that did work for me:

    <input readonly onfocus="this.removeAttribute('readonly');" type="text">

    This basically makes it so that the field is locked until you click in there. This worked every time for me without having any of the other workarounds in place (of which I had tried them all, even salting the url string and autocomplete fields with random numbers!)

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      joy picar

      thank u clint!!! this really works for me!!!

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      Awesome..!! You are Gem..!!

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      This will not work in all cases. for example name text field and then password field set to readonly. Once you click the the password readonly field you now have made it not readonly, then if you go back and auto-fill the previous name field the password field will be auto-filled.

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    I’d much sooner use jQuery to do this:

    // Remove auto inputs on mobile
    $(‘.ginput_container input’).attr({
    autocomplete: “off”,
    autocapitalize: “off”,
    autocorrect: “off”

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    HQF Development - Pons Olivier
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    It’s far simpler than all solutions. Go to stackoverflow and there’s one perfect suggestion:

    Instead of autocomplete=”off” use autocomplete=”false”

    and it works.

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    Hi autocomplete is working fine, but the autocomplete bar(that sits above the android keypad still exists without autocomplete text. Can any one please suggest me how do I hide it using JAVASCRIPT and CSS.

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    Hi autocomplete is working fine, but the autocomplete bar(that sits above the android keypad still exists without autocomplete text, that hides the login button so) Can any one please suggest me how do I hide it using JAVASCRIPT and CSS.

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    M R Raja
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    Why Don’t Everyone Use This….

                <div class="user">
                <i> </i>
                <input type="text" id="u1" name="u1" value="User Name" onfocus="this.value = '';" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'User Name';}">       
                <div class="user1"> 
                <i> </i>        
                <input type="password" id="p1" name="p1" value="Password" onfocus="this.value = '';" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'Password';}" >
                <div class="user2">                         
                <input type="submit" value="Login">

    It’s So Simple… :)

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    Gopal Sharma
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    Hello ,

    the whole page autocomplete off is by applying this “autocomplete=off” into the form-tag.

      <form action="" method="post" autocomplete="off">

    that’s it.
    Thanks to all

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    This trick doesn’t work any more for password fields. Browsers are ignoring autocomplete.

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    you can avoid passwords autocomplete by adding autocomplete="new-password" to the password field

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    Try autocomplete=”false”

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