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Few quick announcements!

iPhone/iPod Version of Screencast

Many, many people asked for this. I resisted a long time mostly since I thought seeing them on such a small screen would be useless. But I concede that listening and sort-of seeing might be good enough, and you can always get the bigger version if you need to go back to something. iTunes here. Raw RSS here.

iPhone Interface

Just for kicks I brought back the iPhone interface for CSS-Tricks. It’s based on this tutorial, with some updates and improvements. It no thing of great beauty, nor is it full-featured. Just a easier way to read content on the iPhone if that’s how you roll.

Quotes on Design “API”

I put API in quotes because it’s probably not technically a real API. I wrote some JavaScript that pulls in and displays a random quotes on the page from Quotes on Design. The idea would be anyone could just insert a script on any page and pull in a random quote. You can see a test page here and see the JavaScript here. It works… but it’s kinda slow and it requires jQuery. I’m a total amateur at this stuff, so if someone has any ideas on how we could do this smarter/faster, let me know!