Results from Anniversary Survey

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I collected a bunch of data from you guys when you filled out that form to enter the 2-Year Anniversary Giveaway. I figured I’d aggregate it into some graphs, courtesy of Wufoo.

How much do you care that the articles on CSS-Tricks are only very occasionally about “CSS” or “Tricks”?

I was secretly hoping for a larger slice of the pie that didn’t care (“Meh”). Some days the name of this site strikes me as cheezy, other days I’m perfectly happy with it. The fact is changing the name would be likely have more negative impact than positive, so it’s probably not going anywhere. Just be aware that the focus is far wider than CSS (even though I still heart CSS) =).

What is the best movie in this list?

Sneakers, people, clearly! I was happy to see it rock a solid #3. It’s all about the information, Marty!

What is your favorite style of post?

Good news for me here, as it’s kind of a random spattering of what people like. I’ll just keep the content and topics spread out like that to comply.

Involvement with Web Design

Sorry the labels didn’t come out better there, but the jist of it is that the vast majority of you guys do this in some way for money.


83% of you watch the screen casts at least “once in a while”, so that’s encouraging, and very few folks think it’s because they are going downhill.

Thanks again!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the anniversary giveaway. Next year it’ll be even juicier I’m sure.


Check out this new cool infographic from Joe Mako: