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There is a super cool new Podcast block for WordPress Gutenberg you use Jetpack (released in 8.5). I wanted to try it out, so below you’ll see recent episodes from ShopTalk Show. I’d tell you all about the recent episodes, except then this blog post wouldn’t age very well, because the point of this blog is showing recent episodes, not specific episodes, so it will change as we publish new shows.

Here they are:

And if I wanted to show off recent episodes of JS Party, with different colors, I could do that too:

Cloudflare has a lot more to offer than merely DDoS protection and CDN services. On this episode, Jon Kuperman joins Amal & Jerod to talk through many of their cool new things like Workers, KV, Durable Objects, and R2 Storage. Thanks to listener Matt Mannucci for requesting this episode!
  1. What Cloudflare is up to
  2. Temporal is like React for the backend
  3. New Year's Party! 🍾
  4. Frontend Feud: React Advanced Edition
  5. So much Sveltey goodness

I love that I get useful little features like for literally doing nothing. Big fan of Jetpack for that reason.