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There is a super cool new Podcast block for WordPress Gutenberg you use Jetpack (released in 8.5). I wanted to try it out, so below you’ll see recent episodes from ShopTalk Show. I’d tell you all about the recent episodes, except then this blog post wouldn’t age very well, because the point of this blog is showing recent episodes, not specific episodes, so it will change as we publish new shows.

Here they are:

557: ChatGPT, Conferences, Fidgets on the Web, and Modern CSS in Real Life ShopTalk

  1. 557: ChatGPT, Conferences, Fidgets on the Web, and Modern CSS in Real Life
  2. 556: Andrey Sitnik and Using OKLCH for Color
  3. 555: React Documentary, Front of the Front End, Fast Fallacy, and Best Practices
  4. 554: Jamstack Thoughts with Brian Rinaldi
  5. 553: TypeScript, DX, GripeScript, and Astro v2 with Fred Schott
  6. 552: Do You Want to Build a JS Framework? ☃️ CSS Wishlist for 2023
  7. 551: PlanetScale with Iheanyi Ekechukwu and Mike Coutermarsh
  8. 550: Sanity with Simen Svale Skogsrud and Espen Hovlandsdal

And if I wanted to show off recent episodes of JS Party, with different colors, I could do that too:

Dan Abramov & Joe Savona from the React Team join Jerod & Nick for a wide-ranging discussion about React’s place in the frontend ecosystem. We cover everything from React competing with React, their responses to SPA fatigue and recent criticisms, to Server Components and the future of the framework.
  1. The future of React
  2. Celebrating Eleventy 2.0 🎉
  3. Tauri brings Rust to the JS Party
  4. Frontend Feud: CSS Podcast vs @keyframers
  5. Web development's lost decade

I love that I get useful little features like for literally doing nothing. Big fan of Jetpack for that reason.