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We use and love Jetpack around here. It’s a WordPress plugin that brings a whole suite of functionality to your site ranging from security to marketing! Here’s our favorite features around here.


We sleep easy at night knowing CSS-Tricks is entirely backed up in real time. That’s all the files of course, like WordPress itself, my theme, and plugins, but also the entire database and all the media files. Through VaultPress, which comes with my Jetpack subscription, we have nearly 10 years of perfect backups.

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Better search with minimal effort. It’s great to have a search solution where we have complete design control, tweakable results, and no third-party ads.

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Social Connections

We like to tell the world as best as we can when we publish new content. Rather than having to do that manually, we can have it happen the second we hit that “Publish” button.

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Writing content in Markdown is the way to go. Not only is it quick and convenient, it helps make content last by keeping it super clean and free of presentational markup.

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Social Login for Comments

Asking a user to manually type out their name and email to leave a comment feels a little too old school these days. Jetpack’s comment form allows people to use their social media accounts to quickly log in and comment.

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Related Posts

CSS-Tricks has tens of thousands of pages of content! It’s a challenge for us to surface all the best stuff, particularly on a per-topic basis and without having to hand-pick everything. Showing related posts is tricky to pull off and we love that Jetpack does a great job with it, all without burdening our servers the way other related content solutions can.

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