Poll Results: The Responsibility of Mobile Web Design

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

This is has been an interesting poll! It’s almost a dead-heat. Through the course of it, it has actually gone back and forth for the lead a bit.


The winner by a nose: It is the MOBILE DEVICES job to make sure websites look and function well.

I have no doubt that the iPhone had some influence this. I am an iPhone user myself and it has changed my opinion on mobile browsing. Technology is sufficiently advanced now that if we all just design our sites around the already established standards, any device claiming to be a web browser should be able to display them for me. That is what standards are for.

For those of you with Creative Suite 3, have you ever opened up and played with Device Central? It’s a pretty nice program and I imagine it is indispensably great if you are designing sites and applications to run on specific devices. But my god, I hope I never need to consult this for just regular websites. There are just too many devices all with different screen sizes and capabilities it would just be a nightmare.

Let me know if you all have any more thoughts on this. I’ll leave the poll open for a while too, but I got another poll idea cookin’ :).