Poll Results: How Many Websites Do You Launch Per Year?

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

  • 20+ (14%)
  • 10-20 (12%)
  • 5-10 (24%)
  • 2-4 (31%)
  • 1 (13%)
  • 0 (6%)

I’m probably in the 2-4 camp myself, which is the winning choice. I don’t freelance, but I do do sites for family and friends once in a while. Even when I was at Chatman Design the vast majority of work we did was on sites that already were launched. This data would be more interesting if it was cross referenced with what kind of job you have. I would theorize that freelancers launch a ton of sites where web workers that work for specific organizations launch far fewer.

Here is the fun part about this poll:

How do you feel about your number? (Does it feel like too many or too few?)

What would happen if you worked on half as many websites per year?

What would happen if you worked on twice as many websites per year?

Did you just read those questions and scoff, like that would be impossible? Why?