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A friend of mine recently sent me her résumé to look over. I’m definitely not a professional job hunter but I think in these situations any extra set of eyes can help fine tune the final product. As it was, the résumé was a Microsoft Word document, which in itself is fine, but it wasn’t particularly well designed. I thought, we’re going on 2010 here, we might as well take this thing to the web!

I created a really simple design. Then I replaced all her content with good ol’ C’thulu so I have a generic template I can give out to you folks. IlLLUSTRATION CREDIT: Michael Dashow

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Really nothing too amazing here, just a clean layout. But also:

  • Contact information using microformats
  • Main resume area using what I think is the semantically correct definition list (<dl>)
  • Literally one page (just an index.html file, with optional images)
  • Prints nicely

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Of course feel free to do whatever you want with it.