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New Poll: Sans-Developer Tools Browser Choice

I bet a lot of us around here use Firefox as our main browser. I really like Firefox. I think the interface is pretty nice, but what put its so far ahead of the other browsers for me is the huge ecosystem of Add-ons. And not just the killer eye candy stuff, I'm talking about hardcore development tools that make our jobs as designers and developers immeasurably easier. I'm talking about of course things like Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar, Greasemonkey, Screengrab, Dragonfly, Web Inspector, IE developer toolbar, etc. But let's just suppose that NONE OF THAT WAS A FACTOR. So the poll question is:

If development tools were not a factor, what would be your web browser of choice?

RSS readers, you'll have to make the jump over. Poll is in the sidebar.

So only judging browsers on their merit as BROWSERS. User interface, features, security, speed, etc.

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