My petite-vue review

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petite-vue is a new cut of the Vue project specifically built with progressive enhancement in mind. At 5kb, petite-vue is a lightweight Alpine (or jQuery) alternative that can be “sprinkled” over your project requiring no extra bundling steps or build processes. Add a <script> tag, set a v-scope, and you’re off to the races. This is up my alley.

Lots of us are still fond of jQuery, but didn’t like how fragile things could be, entirely separating interactive features and the HTML. “Separation of concerns” felt right at the time, but was ultimately too dogmatic. Authoring languages like JSX felt wrong at first, and now feel rather right, and a lot of JavaScript templating has fell in line. But heavy frameworks tend to be involved. Framework-free approaches began to show up, like Alpine.js, which allow us to sprinkle in interactive technology right into the HTML. Vue has always been sprinkable, to a degree, but now much moreso with petite-vue.

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