WordPress Course: Creating Custom Themes

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Chris Coyier on

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Good news today for everyone interested in learning more about WordPress! I have a new training course available on Lynda.com: WordPress 3.0: Creating and Editing Custom Themes.

This is the most comprehensive training I have ever created, so if you are looking for a serious course to get you going with designing for WordPress, this is it. It is a 4.5 hour course that goes from the initial project idea and deciding upon WordPress, to designing from a blank Photoshop canvas, to HTML and CSS, to turning all that into a fully fleshed out WordPress theme (including blog, static pages, and a store using a variety of CMS concepts), to extending that theme through plugins and JavaScript.

There are a number of videos from the course that you can watch for free, but the complete course with all the juicy stuff is only available to Lynda.com subscribers. Lynda.com subscriptions start at $25/month and that gets you access to literally every one of their crazy enormous library of training videos. So if you are sorta-kinda interested in this, do note you get access to loads of other learnin’ and you can cancel at any time. For $37.50/month, you get access to all the course files for all those courses too (which this course has). Discounts if you sign up for a year.

Go forth, and get your CMS on.