In this screencast we'll finish up code-wranglin' the template for single videos.

We start by getting organized in our CSS a bit. Some of the videos.scss file is global to video-related pages. Some is specific to the archival pages and some is specific to single video pages. For now, it will get loaded on all those types of pages. It's so little CSS, that's fine, and probably good (makes best use of caching). If there started to be a ton of divergent code in that single file, I'd probably break it in two.

We fix that conundrum we were in at the end of the last video where our comments were inside our <article> tag. We just structure it out with grids and have proper wrappers.

Instead of having a header area, we're going to just use the black-bar navigation (breadcrumb) to show the title of the video and then the video will be directly below it. That way below the video the title and description essentially use the same pattern as a blog post or snippet or almanac entry or anything else like that. Yay for consistant patterns.

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