This is the last of the Photoshop work we'll do specifically about the footer before we jump over into actually building it.

In this screencast we essentially put in the list of links that surround the "Photostar". Nothing too fancy right? We decide that you know what people understand and are easy to use? Lists of links.

Visually the stuff we've put in makes a bit of U shape on the bottom of the page which leads the eye around it and gives the site some finality.

The white space in the upper footer we are going to give a little more life to by creating fade-out lines that connect the links to the Photostar. Ultimately these lines will get a bit of a hover effect to enhance that connection.

We also decide that this footer will be for pretty much all pages on the site except for the forums. There is so much about me in the footer where the forums are all about you. We'll have to do something else there later.

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