We're working on creating a design for the footer in Photoshop. Quick reminder: I work in Photoshop because I feel more creative there before I jump over to the browser. I don't linger in Photoshop but that's where I like to do visual exploration.

We go back through the inventory of content we took in the very first video. We identify a whole bunch of links that we need to get in the site somewhere. Some things like how to subscribe are probably too important for the footer, but a number of links are prefect for the footer, like links to my accounts on other sites (Pinboard, Dribbble, etc) and links to my other projects like CodePen and ShopTalk.

We finish up by splitting the bottom footer into two areas. The new bottom-most area being reserved for big links to my other projects and the top area will be for a list of links to the other things.

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