The only thing missing now from our customs Forums header is the part that actually says "Forums"!

Nick illustrated a hand holding a sign that was meant for that area. We remove the text that was there (not a huge fan of Impact) and replace it with something more hand-written which I feel like works with the site better.

Just like we added the people from the custom Gallery header via pseudo elements, we add this sign the same way. We center it with the ol' left: 50%; and margin-left half of the width trick.

We finish up by setting the background-position of the heads graphic with a negative percentage so that when the screen is resized the move the opposite direction.


  1. Stephen Emlund
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    I noticed the forums header sign was 300 DPI. I know we should use 72 at all times, but do you know if file size is effected by a higher resolution like 300?

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      I’m pretty sure “Save for Web and Devices” converts any image to 72 DPI.
      Since you’re explicitly asking Photoshop to make a version for the web, you’re explicitly saying it’s never going to need to be anything other than 72 DPI.

  2. yaclive
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    I like this header design over the latest forums header.

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