With our two workhorse CMS-extending plugins installed, we spend a bit of time setting them up.

"Events" on Jeff's site is a perfect example. An "Event" should have a title and description, so those default fields are fine, but it also has a bunch of other data that make way more sense as structured fields than as just text data dumped into the description field. If we apply new custom fields like "Start date" and "End date" - that a huge win-win. It's easier for us to manipulate and query on as designers and developers, and it's easier for Jeff to input (datepicker!).

Fortunately, this is wicked easy to set up.


  1. Ktalley
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    This is exactly what I was looking for! Awesome!

  2. domenico colandrea
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  3. Rich Cook
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    The entire series has been great…very helpful. But THIS section alone was worth the price of admission. I’ve been trying to figure out how to create/implement the CMS properties of WP to emulate what NPR did with their COPE (Create One, Publish Everywhere) API. Now I know how. Thanks!!

  4. Luis Camberos

    The best video of the series…..Excellent!

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