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Best Presentations from Web Design Conferences in 2008

Chris Spooner has put together a little roundup of videos from some of the best web design conferences this soon-to-be-past year. Makes me jealous! I’ve never once been to a web conference. Too dang expensive usually.


Modular Layout Systems

24 Ways has been fairly fun this year, but the best so far has been the post on Modular Layout Systems from Jason Santa Maria. Jason has what I consider to be the best designed website on the whole interwebs. What makes is so awesome, beyond the impeccable design, each post has the ability to be laid out completely uniquely, despite being generated from the same backend CMS. For example, compare this post to this post. Next time I build a new site, I’m doing this.



I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but I’ve moved my advertising system over to BuySellAds. I’m sure most of you don’t care and wish there wasn’t ads at all, but for those of you running blogs or other websites trying to sell advertising, I recommend them. Basically they take 25%, but you have to do nothing after it’s set up. No more invoicing, no more manually changing code, no more emailing back and forth with advertisers. Makes things much easier. The first blog I ever wrote for, FreshArrival, is now using the system too, and they have some nice value price slots for any ad buyers out there.


AdSense on Unused Domains

Speaking of advertising, Google just announced that they are going to allow AdSense ads on undeveloped domains. From what I remember what little I have dealt with AdSense, this used to be against the terms of service. What do you think? Good idea, or does this encourage people to keep filling the internet up with crap?