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Automatically back up your entire web server files and databases to Amazon S3

Christina Warren has a comprehensive and excellent tutorial on creating a Ruby script to back up your entire web server, including databases, and upload them directly to an Amazon S3 bucket. The tutorial is geared toward Media Temple, but I imagine could be adapted to other hosts. She also did a screencast demo demonstrating it all. This is high on my list of to-do’s, and handy for me being on Media Temple and all.


What is Your “Design Signature”?

Mike Davidson shares his design signature:

  • I start with a CSS reset
  • For column layouts, I float every column (usually left but sometimes both left and right)
  • I use the clearfix class to clear all of my containers
  • I use dotted underlines for body-copy links that change to solid underlines on hover, and no underlines for links that appear within navigational lists
  • I use desaturated colors for visited links
  • I employ fixed-width centered layouts using a container div, auto margins, and a center text-align on the body

It all sounds like pretty standard, basic stuff, but when you add it all up and do it over and over again on every website you make, it does start to feel like a signature. Do you have one?


Walk it off

Check out this music video. You can change “perspectives” while the video is playing with a clever slide technique. Damn clever way to present a story.



Volkan interviewed me for his site Web Deneyimleri a few weeks ago. The site is in Turkish, but the post with my interview has the original English version included at the bottom of the post.


Oh yeah! And today is my birthday =)