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Want More Sales? Become an Authority

This latest article from Search-This, Thinking Outside the SEO Box, is about small-guy eCommerce stores and what they really need to do to compete in the ever-saturated online store space. The main advice? Become an authority in your niche. Are you trying to sell cost-efficient agility training equipment to high schools? Then you should be blogging about training. If you establish yourself as an authority on training, you will gain traffic, gain links, increase your SEO, and sell more.


WebKit CSS Animations for iPhone

One of the cool things about designing for the iPhone is that you know exactly the environment you are working with. No problems with cross-browser compatibility here! WebKit has released some cool proprietary CSS selectors and attributes that are specific to the iPhone that make animations like flick-and-slide super easy. Check out a video and code example on Flick Style Navigation.


Visual Examples of Alorithmic Sorting

Even if you could care less about programming and the efficiency of different sorting algorithms (I don’t blame you), this visual demonstration of the different techniques is pretty interesting. You can view a single technique with specific data set one at a time, or view all the techniques for that data set all at once, or a single technique with the different data sets at once, or everything all together.


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Steven interviewed me on his new site, You can read the interview here.