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An Optical Illusion with CSS and Parallax

Marco Kuiper has put together a really cool optical illusion using the CSS parallax technique I posted about a while back. Check out his post and example. Make sure to resize your browser window while you are there, that’s how it works.


Timelapse CSS

Matthew Buchanan came up with a simple yet clever little snippet of javascript that would remove one CSS rule every tenth of a second. He applied this to a webpage, recorded the results and then reversed the footage. The result is a really cool video of a page being “built” one CSS rule at a time. My first thought was “wouldn’t this be a cool bookmarklet?!”. Unfortunately, most browsers don’t allow access to the document.styleSheets part of the DOM from a different host.


How to Build a Maintainable Site using CushyCMS and Twitter

Collis Ta’eed with another comprehensive tutorial on how he created his own personal website over on NETTUTS. I have a feeling just about every article over there is going to be kick ass, so I’d suggest subscribing and getting it over with =). I had never heard of CushyCMS before. I will definitely be checking that out, seems absolutely perfect for giving access to clients who sorta-kinda know HTML but not how to deal with all the FTP access stuff. Or, for clients who you want to give access to just their site on a larger server hosting many sites, and your host doesn’t allow you to set up limited access users (..cough.. Joyent).


Google Doctype

Looks like Google is trying to get in on this “Tips, Tricks, and Reference” thing with their new Doctype wiki. More the merrier, I suppose.