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Jared Schwager has an interesting idea on compressing CSS on-the-fly using PHP. Works pretty well. The end result is slightly quicker downloads and slightly quicker render times with a slightly higher burden on the server.

Fadtastic has a nice roundup of web site designs with big, bold backgrounds. This is certainly a trend lately, and I think it will continue since the only real strike against it is download times and the web doesn’t seem to be getting any slower.

Coding Horror has an interesting article about the differing philosophies between Apple and Microsoft when it comes on font anti-aliasing. More on how anti-aliasing works at Photoshop Quickies.

I have covered how to make a stylesheet switcher with javascript before. Now Gr0w has posted a technique on how to do this with PHP. Seems like this could be the way to go, since it will work for average folks security nerds browsing with Javascript off.

There is a great video up on Google Video of Doug Bowman talking about the Beauty of CSS. It isn’t exactly new (2006), but it’s a great watch. It’s about an hour long and covers things we all should know. I have three great post ideas all set for this week from this video alone.

I have installed this plugin, which automatically reformats this site for the iPhone/iPod Touch when being viewed with one of those devices. I think it works spectacularly.