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NETTUTS Launches

If NETTUTS lives up to the quality standard of PSDTUTS, this is going to be a great resource for web design and development tutorials!


Q&A Formatting with Definition Lists

I wrote a guest article over at CSS Newbie on using definition lists for question and answer formatting. It’s pretty simple stuff, but it is good to know because sometimes those DL’s are just the perfect choice semantically. More on definition lists here.


CSS Feeder

Another one of these design-link-aggregator sites has popped up: CSS Feeder. I kind of like these things, which is why I mention it. Lots of links in one place for easy design article snacking. Plus the design on this one is pretty slick.


Kevin Bacon Helps Us Learn MooTools

David Walsh again with another wacky MooTools tutorial. This one is all about dragging and dropping (and then locking), which is a really cool effect.


Creative Footers

Smashing magazine has an (as usual) excellent roundup of creative footers. It was this very post that inspired me to do something about the footer here on CSS-Tricks. It’s now got that rough tag thing going on, which completes the “tag” look I started in the “logo”.


Huge Matrix of Lightbox Clones

If you ever find yourself digging around for a lightbox you like, or one that is compatible with the javascript framework you are currently using, check out this page of lightbox clones. You can filter the grid by framework or functionality, so finding just the right one should be quick and easy.