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The Funkiest Ampersand’s You Have Ever Seen

Spoon Graphics has an awesome roundup of funky ampersands. I mentioned in the comments a cool thing to “use the best ampersand available” is to wrap the ampersands in an unique class and then list your 10 favorite in your font-family declaration. Chances are, most visitors won’t have your crazy fonts, but there is decent change that some of them will have at least one of them. And if not, they’ll just get the default, no harm done.


Web Design Timeline

I enjoyed this pie chart of time spent in web design.


Seam Carving

If you haven’t seen a demo on this “seam carving” technique for re-sizing images, you gotta check it out. This particular demo let’s you use any image you want to. If we could get this built into web browsers, that would be amazing. Can you image utilizing this for a fluid width layout? That like the the “flying cars” future of web design.


Entire Resizeable Webpage

Speaking of resizeable… This is years old but its like my example of resizeable images only with an entire web layout. Again, I realize that FF3 and the new Opera are already doing this automatically, but this was done well before that using the resizeablity of em’s. Darn nice work if you ask me.


Em to Pixel Conversion Chart

And speaking of the resizeability of em’s…. Here is a handy-dandy little conversion chart. Make sure you resize the text while you are there, you’ll see an elastic width site in full action. Actually, all of Jon’s site is elastic, nice.