Launch: Script & Style

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I always liked the idea of having a community links section on websites. Lots of sites in this genre have that and I think it’s great. The driving purpose behind a tutorial site like this is helping people learn and sharing inspiration. I do my weekly “Links of Interest” posts (which I will probably keep doing), but I wanted a better way to have a “stream” of links going to other good reading in the community. Hence the birth of Script & Style!

Script & Style is going to be a user-driven stream of links, which anybody can submit to using the article submission form. Each entry will be moderated and checked for quality so each link that goes through is surely of interest and spam-free.

There will also be exclusive tutorials from time to time. David Walsh (the brains behind the idea), kicked things off with a great article on using MooTools 1.2 for Drag, Drop, Sort & Save. If you are interested, you can pick up the new feed here, which will include both the link stream and the exclusive tutorials.

I’m going to be creating a little sidebar-widgety thing for here on the site which will pull recent entries from Script & Style. I’ll be probably writing up a tutorial on how to do that, so stay tuned for that =)