jQuery Conference + Win a Ticket!

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I’ll be speaking at the upcoming jQuery Conference. It is in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mountain View, at the Microsoft Campus) on April 24 – 25, 2010. Just check out that link for all the details. It looks pretty great.

“Solving Common Client Requests with jQuery”

That is my chosen topic. Since I think I’ll be speaking to a room of folks 75% of which are going to be smarter than me, I thought I would take more of a real-world approach rather than straight instructional. We’ll be taking a look at some actual sites I’ve worked on and how I leaned on jQuery to help me accomplish something that would have been difficult or impossible otherwise.

Win a free ticket!

I have one free ticket to give away to a CSS-Tricks reader. I always struggle with this because I don’t like “leave a comment to win” contests and I also dislike Facebook/Twitter related contests. So we are going to try something new here.

To enter to win the free ticket: you must donate $10 to ANY open source project. Then forward your receipt to me at [email protected] and you’ll be entered to win.

If you win, you get a $199 ticket for $10. If you lose, you get the intense satisfaction that you helped an deserving open source project. If you aren’t comfortable with that, don’t enter. Transportation and lodging is up to you.

Also remember it’s ANY open source project. Could be jQuery (or some plugin), could be WordPress (or some plugin), or literally ANY other open source project that accepts donations.

This is going to be fairly quick. I’m going to pick winners on this Friday, April 9 2010.