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Little freebie template for ya’ll today. It was actually Doug Neiner‘s idea, I ran with it, then he helped me out at the end tighten some stuff up.

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It’s PHP. So if you download it to check it out, throw it up on your web server to test it out (or somewhere you run PHP locally).


The navigation is all AJAX’d up using the jQuery .load() functionality. I just think it’s kinda fun. It supports “deep linking”, so if you were to link to this page with a hash-tag of a page (e.g. /DocTemplate/#parameters.php) , it will see that and load that page up.

If you were to use this template to document some kind of JavaScript thingy, it should be noted that when content is loaded in this way the JavaScript on that page won’t be “active”.

If you don’t like or can’t use the AJAX navigation, simply remove the two JavaScript <script> links in the file common/doctype-and-head.php. It will fall back to simply reloading the page to go to those pages, with current navigation highlighting fully intact.


The index.php file has all the different text style stuff available. Not much, but just the typical hierarchy of header tags, code styling, emphasis/strong tags, links, callout class, etc.

There is a good bit of CSS3 stuff going on from rounded corners to drop shadows to :hover:after with generated content. It should degrade just fine though.

As with anything else on this site, feel free to use it for whatever you’d like, no attribution of any kind required.