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    Hi Everyone
    Firstly thanks to Chris for his excellent site and for providing so many useful tips and techniques.
    I would like all of your comments/criticisms/suggestions on a new site layout before I go too far with the design. I really would like to know whether there are any basic design/coding errors before I go much farther (or even more complex ones!).
    here is the link…….



    Here is my critique on your website:

    – The text that says "information and knowledge" etc why can’t this be text? it certainly would help for SEO purposes.
    – Again, is there any need for the titles to be images, I would make those into text.
    – The rollover on the text in the menu is too similar to the background, because when you hover over it, I struggle to read the text.
    – I don’t like that person holding over the edge, a better image of something would be better here I think.
    – The design isn’t bad, but the background of the camo, I think is horrible and just doesn’t go. I think you are better off with maybe a gradient here? or a still color would be better than what is there.

    Hope this helps..


    Thank you Craig for your response.

    I agree with you about the background and it will be changed from that "camo".
    The rollover in the nav, I did wonder about that and may either introduce a different colour or an image swap there.
    The reason for using images for the logo and the large tag line was that the font is Myriad Pro and I couldnt achieve getting the alignment and typography to look good across different browsers using font replacement and CSS.

    Thanking you once again for your time



    I think you should definitely add an image swap to the navigation menu.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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