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    I just saw a post where someone mentioned using Wufoo forms… I tried using them the other day for a new site I’m putting together for my wife’s aunt’s business. Seems like everything I try makes it "hiccup" when the page loads.

    Check out:

    The page loads, then slowly the wufoo form pops up. Every method from their website has yielded the same results. Is there a trick that can be used?

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    That did take a ridiculously long time. Try checking out the Wufoo forums, probably get some help there:

    Their server could just be overloaded right now.

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    Question, and I’m being serious:

    What are the benefits to WuFoo? If it matters, I use Rails as my main environment, which I find handling forms to be incredibly easy. What does WuFoo offer that would make me stop writing my own forms?

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    I don’t know much about Rails and from what I’ve seen of Wufoo, I think Wufoo is just like a CMS type thing for forms? Like, it’s more point and click. You don’t have to have programming knowledge.

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    wufoo is a nice service.. I like what it does, I like the way it does it, I like the CMS like stuff for keeping track of form submissions over multiple sites.

    It’s all very shiny and nice.

    However, if I take off my "ooh shiny, must buy" goggles, really what’s left is a service for something that is easily achievable for any developer, with a ridiculous tariff on it. I mean seriously, charging with a set number of submissions? This is just nuts to me, since first and foremost it’s not something that you can exactly ration off. Especially if you have a popular site your form could get hit bigtime.

    There is also the problem of it being an off-site service, maybe it goes down, maybe its slow. Topping the list of cons of with the fact they jamming the form in an iframe, which just.. doesn’t sit well with me..

    No, despite how well they have built their service + site.. and they HAVE built it well.. this is pure convenience.

    Brilliant service, but not worth the expense of using seriously..

    I personally just spent a few hours doing some form code + styles so i could easily copy / paste some pre-made forms into new projects. I don’t have the headache of building forms from scratch and im not relying on a 3rd party service to do something horribly simple.

    Just my 2 cents :geek:

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    "greg.mcausland" wrote:
    No, despite how well they have built their service + site.. and they HAVE built it well.. this is pure convenience.

    Brilliant service, but not worth the expense of using seriously..

    Again, that’s what makes me so happy my primary development environment is either Rails or Django. I can achieve everything I need with

    < % form_tag :action => create/edit :id => randomid %>

    and then filling in my needed fields. Rails just comes in behind me and auto-generates the forms with the appropriate code to fire the model.

    I find WuFoo to be a hurdle for new developers in the dynamic field. If you’re starting in PHP/Ruby/Python, just go ahead and write the necessary form code. I GUESS it’s ok to use WuFoo if you’re using static HTML, but what server doesn’t support PHP nowadays?

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    yeah, I’ll keep scouring the forums for a solution (I didn’t mention it earlier because I didn’t find what I was looking for :P) Maybe I’ll just post.

    Honestly, this was really just a test to see if Wufoo really was more convenient. I think my conclusion is that it is not. I do agree with the lunacy of the pay-per-submissions model. I mean, if you are building websites off of wordpress, the majority of your needs can be met with Simplemodal or Contact Form 7 – styling those is easier than Wufoo imo.

    I can see Wufoo being a niche solution for a customer that needs multiple, complex forms throughout a site that would benefit from the tracking that comes with the service.

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