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    Hi everyone, So I am making a simple vcard in Blogger (i’m a noob) and it appears (to my very limited knowledge) that I did everything right, but the wrapper won’t center. It just stays on the left side. I’ve looked online at several questions and solutions somewhat related to my problem but everything I tried didn’t make a difference. Maybe someone here can help me out :)

    If I didn’t give enough/the right information please let me know.. you will find my css here:

    edit: here’s the link


    Do you have a link…it would be much easier?

    wrapper isn’t a proper selector.

    If it has an ID of wrapper then it should be referred in your CSS as #wrapper.

    Also, position:absolute will over-ride any you can probably remove that.

    I’m also confused as to why it has multiple widths at various points in your CSS.


    float: center;

    is not a real thing.


    Yes, sorry.. here’s a link! click

    It is written down as ” #wrapper ” strangely so it didn’t appear in here. Thank you for noticing the different widths! I was changing it to different sizes to see if it would make a difference and I forgot to change them all back to one width.

    I will remove both “position: absolute” and “floating:center” :’) thank you so far!

    edit: hm, nothing happened after removing “position: absolute”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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