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  • # October 19, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    I’m working on a template which will use some custom-post-types & custom-taxonomies.. I’m having problems with pagination and duplicate posts.

    **LOOP #1
    On the homepage (home.php) I have 2 Loops. The fist one shows 1 post (custom post type: Projects) which has the custom-taxonomy “Featured” assigned to it.

    LOOP #2
    On the second loop I have the six most recent “Projects” (Custom post type) but I dont want a duplicate from the first loop. Under the six posts I’d like a pagination

    Both loops in home.php work.. but I still have that duplicate and I can’t get pagination to work..

    [home.php]( “home.php”)
    ]( “featured.php”)[functions.php]( “functions.php”)

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