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    Hey everybody, i’m new here and i’ve already done a search, but it has yielded no results, so ill have to phrase my question as best i can here-

    I wish to have one section of my site the ‘Blog’ page, created/managed by the WordPress system, but all the rest i wish to have as simple, good ol’ hand coded HTML/CSS etc on the server. So if you imagine a standard html/css site, with one page based around WordPress as opposed to the whole site being based around WordPress with individual pages being part of the WordPress ‘page’ hierarchy.

    Is this painstakingly obvious and simple to do? and am I asking a dumb question? or if you want any element of your site to be WordPress, then the WHOLE site has to be WordPress based/managed? (e.g – the WordPress page hierachy/system)

    Would appreciate a simple answer…

    Thank you in advance


    You could have your entire site plain html, but your blog could be run on wordpress (On the same site). You would have to create a theme for wordpress (Assuming you would want it to look the same as the rest of your site).

    So the answer is yes, you could do that.


    Yes it can be done. A service like go daddy has wordpress capabilities. You can set your blog up on there then upload the rest of your site to the server. I have a client who has a website and his wife has a blog on the same server, she just uses wordpress (I did both of their sites). However, they have two different addresses. You may have to have one address for your blog and one for your other content. If you do that make sure your blog isn’t your "main" or "home" it gets confusing when the main page isn’t the same address as the rest of the site.


    Thanks for your help

    So i guess the simple answer is yes.



    Easy. Create the site with html/css as you like. Install wordpress in a folder… blog or something. Should work. Just keep the rest of the site out of the wordpress folder and you shouldn’t have problems. You may have to hardcode your site menu into the wordpress section and not let wordpress manage the menu but that should be the only issue.

    Maybe you mean something more then this though… ? It is totally possible I am overlooking some problems.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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