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    Hey all, watch the video, it’ll show the problem.

    I have written the most batsh*t crazy selectors to address this thing and it’s not working.

    What kind of crazy you ask? This kind of crazy:

    ul.pureCssMenu li:nth-child(7):not(:hover) {
    background-color : #ffa800;





    Videos aren’t really conducive to getting assistance here.

    Also , explaining the actual issue rather than letting us guess is preferred.

    A functional reduced/MINIMAL demo in is much more useful to us. We can inspect the code and make changes to see what happens.

    Help us help you.


    Yeah that’s all true but because I’m working within a piece of software that doesn’t give me access to anything directly, except a custom stylesheet I can apply to the page, I don’t have a way of scooting the primary stylesheet and html over to codepen.

    That said I can paste the html in there…


    EDIT: I stand kind of corrected, I can piece it together from the source tab in my Chrome inspector. I’ve edited the codepen. More useful now.

    EDIT 2: Yeah I guess you’re right about “letting you guess”. The problem is that the top level menu item falls back to some #444 or #333 (I’m guessing) color when navigating the drop down beneath it that I can’t find in the inspector to identify how to talk to the element and style it correctly. I just want the Reports menu item to retain the same appearance it has when it’s hovered or not hovered over when the dropdown menu isn’t revealed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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