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    I’m pretty familiar with the [WordPress template hierarchy]( “WordPress Template Heirarchy”), but have a (fairly simple) question about custom post-types…

    I want to create a different single view (single.php) template for a custom post-type taxonomy. I already know that I can create a template page _single-$post-type.php_ and have done so. But I’d like to create a template _single-$post-type-$taxonomy.php_

    Is this doable?

    To elaborate:

    – I have a custom post-type _”products”_
    – I then have custom post-type taxonomies: _”bricks”_, _”tiles”_ and _”cladding”_
    – I already have different archive views for different taxonomy terms (_e.g. taxonomy-product_types-tiles.php_)
    – I’d like the **single-view** for _bricks_ to be different to _cladding_
    – I’d like to do this by having a different single.php file for each custom post-type taxonomy in the same way as one can have a different _archive-$taxonomy-$term.php_
    – I’d like something like _single-product_types-tiles.php_


    Or am I being dumb and this is just _taxomony-$term.php_ ?

    Thanks in advance.

    # March 29, 2013 at 5:31 am

    > I’d like something like single-product_types-tiles.php

    So, how you do that?
    Plese, help!

    # August 2, 2017 at 12:36 am

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