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    Ive been using textpattern as my cms of choice but im now playing with wordpress once again. i hated setting up the navigation the way i wanted it but now theres a NAVT plugin that does it for me which is sweet. so now that im building my site on wordpress i was wondering. whats plugins does everybody use on their personal stuff or sites that theyve built before.

    the only one i have installed right now is navt but im sure i’ll be using quite a few more soon.

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    I don’t know if you saw this David, but a few months ago I did a roundup of mine. I have since skipped the OpenID thing, and have added/removed a couple, but it’s still mostly abut right: … s-plugins/

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    I’ve used countless plug-ins in the past, but the one that stays with me is any of the database back-up ones. These will email a sql backup (or full site backup – but that seems pointless to do more than once).
    Podpress is another excellent plugin – but I don’t make podcasts, so not useful to me lol. I almost want to make some so that I can use it.

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    thanks guys!

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    If you’re going to use WordPress, then at least install the All in One SEO Pack. It’ll do alot of work for you and enhance each page specifically.

    Another one, which I consider a must, is the Akismet plugin. If you’re after good usability, then you’d want to remove any CAPTCHA-field in your forms. Akismet will help you out with that. Only requirement is that you register an account at You don’t have to use it after registration.

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    I haven’t done a whole lot with wordpress but I have a request to implement a newsletter feature and it seems that wordpress would be a simple solution for this. I like what is offered on this site where you can subscribe to receive feeds through email. Then you get a blog, archive, and newsletter all in one!

    I notice that this site uses feedburner. Is feedburner needed to do this email subscription? I started looked through the wordpress plugins and there are so many that it is overwhelming.

    Any advice whether or not a newsletter plugin is needed or do you get everything you need as part of the basic wordpress?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions — I haven’t used feedburner and I’ve only installed wordpress on my PC but haven’t dug into it yet. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    For one of my clients, I just MailChimp for their Email newsletters:

    I think it works fantastically.

    The chimp is exclusively for sending emails though, if you think you would benefit from a website as well, and each newsletter makes sense as a "blog post", you could absolutely go the WordPress route.

    There is a great tutorial on NETTUTS on how to use WordPress specifically for a newsletter: … eedburner/

    Good luck, let us know what you end up doing!

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