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    Besides having my own litlle computer store, i started making a few wordpress based websites. I found this site about a year ago and watched every video i could. I’m now capable of making custom templates and adding little functionality to wordpress (queries and stuff).
    The websites i make seem to be pretty succesfull because now i’ve been asked to do a pretty big job. Although a lot of functionality can be added to wordpress with plugins, i’m not sure if wordpress is the way to go with this project. That’s why i wanted to ask the opinion of the readers of this website.

    It’s a website by a non profit organisation set up by a couple of small towns to connect to the youth in the region.

    the site has to have:

      a main site with a couple of subsites (messages on subsite on frontpage main site)
      a forum

      the above things aren’t a problem but …

      visitors (i’m pushing towards registred users) have to be able to add an event to a calendar
      a booking module for material, places where local music bands can rehearse, places where youth organisations (chiro, …) can organize parties, anti drug mobile, … per town
      a database of camping places, reliable suppliers, … with a voting and feedback system[/list:u]

      The first list is pretty simple but i’m not sure if the rest is possible with wordpress. I know everything is possible but wouldn’t it be better to take a full blown cms for this like joomla of other?

      I have found a couple of booking plugins, a couple of rating plugins, … but if i try to put this all in wordpress, won’t it become to slow since wordpress wasn’t made for this stuff?


    Congratulations on the success of your business! I’m sure it will continue.

    There is no end to the number of plugins for WordPress, and I’m sure you will find some that do what you are looking for, or very similar. There is no inherent reason why a WordPress plugin should perform better or worse than any other script written in PHP. I’m sure there are some shocking plugins out there but the main one’s I tend to use perform pretty well. However, the main reason I advocate WordPress so highly is it’s ease of use, and the speed with which you can get a new site up and running.

    Drupal on the other hand has a steep learning curve, and takes a lot of upfront configuration. It is more of an application development platform than WordPress though, so you may find some of the more advanced features have been implemented in one of the Drupal modules. This would be the other choice for me.


    Well, uhm, i was asked to do this project because the organisation lost 90% of their entire budget to some designer scam. And since i used to date a woman who works for the organisation, she asked me if i could do this as a favor :oops:

    I have used joomla for a couple of sites but i’m no fan. I’ve started with drupal, bought some books, looked at video tutorials but not my cup of tea.
    I started using wordpress and, to me, the system is perfect. And with the help of the video tutorials on this and other sites i’ve come a long way.

    The reason i’m having some doubts is that wordpress is, in origin, a blogging tool but with the help of plugins, functionality can be added. Joomla is designed to work more as a cms so perhaps it has a better foundation for what i have in mind.


    I’ve found a template that I really like from WordPress but I want to switch to using joomla. Is it possible to use a wordpress template in joomla? If so, how?


    No, it’s not possible to use a Joomla theme in WordPress as they are not compatible.

    It may, however be possible to convert a Joomla theme into a WordPress theme if you have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, WordPress and Joomla.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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